Asean Studies

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (International Program)

Program director: Dr. Rataporn de Jong

  • 2008     Dr. phil. in Ethnology, Universität Heidelberg, Germany
  • 2002     M.A. in Anthropology, Chulalongkorn University M.A. in Sociology, Thammasat University
  • 1996 Sociology and Anthropology, Thammasat University

Curricular Title

Bachelor of Arts in ASEAN Studies (International Program)

Degree Title

  • Full name:        Bachelor of Arts (ASEAN Studies)
  • Abbreviation name:        B.A. (ASEAN Studies)

Curricular Philosophy and Goals

Knowledge about ASEAN is a crucial national asset at a time of rapid globalization and social change.  It consists of a comprehensive range of subjects in the intellectual, cultural, political and religious aspects of the ASEAN countries.

In order to strengthen the academic capabilities and potential of the students, as well as to respond to the need of local communities for manpower specifically trained to serve the tourism industry and business in ASEAN countries, the curriculum is designed to include the following features:

  1. The students are able to select the area of interest from elective courses designed to enrich their knowledge and expertise about the socio-cultural and politico-economic aspects, as well as language, of the ASEAN countries.
  2. The curriculum allows its students to be exposed to a particular country through the summer immersion program and its co-curricular activities.
  3. Every student is required to complete at least 300 hours of internship in Thailand or abroad.

This program aims to provide learners with comprehensive knowledge of ASEAN societies and cultures, with a focus on Thailand, Indonesia, and Myanmar.  ASEAN studies subjects, except the required language courses, are taught in English.  The study abroad program is available to integrate the students’ comprehension with analytical skills and life experiences.

Therefore, the expected outcomes of this program of study are as follows:

  1. To produce graduates with a broad knowledge of the key issues of the ASEAN region and communities, capable to work anywhere in the ASEAN nations
  2. To develop foundational research skills in the analysis of critical issues in the ASEAN region
  3. To develop cross-cultural skills among graduates to work effectively with people from different cultures

Duration of Study

3 and a half years (10 semesters)

Admission Requirements

Completion of M6 or its equivalence

Curriculum Structure and Components