Chinese Studies

Faculty of International Studies
Bachelor of Arts Program in Chinese Studies (International Program)

Program director: Miss Wang Yi

  • 2012    M.B.A. (Global Logistics Management) Inha University, Republic of Korea
  • 2003    B.A (Chinese Language and Literature) Huaqiao University, P.R. China

Curricular Title

  • Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies (International Program)

Degree Title

  • Full Name:     Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Studies)
  • Abbreviated Name:     B.A. (Chinese Studies)

Curricular Philosophy and Goals

The curriculum identifies itself as an interdisciplinary study, and it aspires to cultivate learners’ language proficiency, as well as their academic knowledge in history, culture, religion, society, philosophy, law, economics, politics, and international relations. This program also aims to encourage learners to acquire an inquisitive mind in order to develop their professional skills and practice of a code of ethics in their lives.

Duration of Study

3 and a half years (10 semesters)

Admission Requirements

Completion of M6 or its equivalence

Curriculum Structure and Components