Administrative Team

Administrative Team

Nuwan Thapthiang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Mass Communication
Educational background:    Ph.D. in Mass Communication
Email : nuwan.t(at)
Office Phone: +66(0)76 276754, +66(0)76 276601

Jirameth  Rungruang

Associate Dean for Administration and Quality Development
Educational background: Ph.D. Candidate in International Relations
Email : jirameth.r(at)
Office Phone: +66(0)76 276612

Pim de Jong, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research
Educational background: Dr.phil.(Ethnologie) , Heidelberg University, Germany
Email :
Office Phone: +66(0)76 276608

Yi   Wang

Associate Dean for Global Outreach
Educational background: M.A. in Global Logistics Management
Email : yi.wa(at)
Office Phone: +66(0)76 276221

Emeela Wae-esor, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Research
Educational background: Ph.D.(Management)
Email : emeela.w(at)
Office Phone: +66(0)76 276218

Rattana Jangpiboonpong

Assistant Dean for Academic Services
Educational background: M.A.( Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
Email : rattana.ja(at)
Office Phone: +66(0)76 276644

Ruangchai Ruangyangmi

Assistant Dean for Student Development and Internship
Educational background: M.A.( Master of International Business)
Email : Ruangchai.r(at)
Office Phone:+66(0)76 276224

Prapasara  Kitpaiboonthawee

Assistant Dean for Quality Assurance and Human Resources
Educational background: Master of Public Administration
Email :
Office Phone: +66(0)76 276610

Nareerat Chandang

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
Educational background: M.S. (Industrial Education)
Email : nareerat.c(at)
Office Phone: +66(0)76 276620