Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages

Sureerat  Jittasatian

Head of Foriegn Languages Department
Educational background:    M.A. (European Studies)
Email:    sureerat.j(at)
Office Phone:    +66(0)76 276240

Nuwan Thapthiang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Mass Communication


Educational background: Mass Communication
Email:    nuwan.t(at)
Office Phone:    +66(0)76 276754

Kesinee  Chaisri, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, French Language


Educational background:    Sciences du Langage – Linguistique et phonétique générale
Email:    kesinee.c(at)
Office Phone:    +66(0)76 276233

Jonathan Hugo, Ph.D.

Lecturer, English language and Finance
Educational background:    Ph.D., Theoretical Chemistry, University of Bristol, UK
Email:    jonathan.h(at)
Office Phone:    –

Saranya  Pathanasin, Ph.D.

Lecturer, English language
Educational background:    Ph.D. (English as an International Language)
Email:    saranya.p(at)
Office Phone:    +66(0)76 276234

Ian Eschstruth

Educational background:
Email:  ian.e(at)
Office Phone:    –

Nida Ham-Ngarm

Educational background:    B.A. (English)
Email:    nida.h(at), nidahampsu(at)
Office Phone:    +66(0)76 276236, 093 574 8993

Peter Coan

Lecturer, English language
Educational background:    MA Teaching English as an International Language, Prince of Songkla University (In progress)
Email:    peter.c(at)
Office Phone:    –

Peter Wall

Lecturer, English language
Educational background:    B.A. (Contemporary History & French)
Email:    peterjohn.w(at)
Office Phone:    –

Philip John Galloway

Lecturer, English language
Educational background:    M.A. (TESOL)  Teacher Trainer Dip (NQF 7 M.A. Level)
Email:    phillip.g(at)
Office Phone:    –

Ricardo Javier Galbis

Lecturer, English language
Educational background:    B.A., Business Administration, California State University, USA
Email:    ricardo.g(at)
Office Phone:    –

Rattana Jangpiboonpong

Educational background:    M.A.( Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
Email:    rattana.ja(at)
Office Phone:    +66(0)76 276644

Stefanie N. Wright

Educational background:    B.A German Studies from The Pennsylvania State University (class of 1989).
Email:    stefanienatalie.w(at)
Office Phone:    –

Woralak Buncha, Ph.D.

Educational background:    Ph.D. (Educational and Applied Linguistics)
Email:    woralak.b(at)
Office Phone:    +66(0)76 276238

Parichart  Charernwiwatthanasri

Educational background:    M.A(Applied Linguistics)
Email:    parichart.c(at)
Office Phone:    –

On study leave

Sudarat Srirak

Lecturer, English language  (On study leave)
Educational background:    M.A. (Applied Linguistics)
Office Phone:    +66(0)76 276622, +66(0)76 276235

Napacha  Prapawadee

Director, Lecturer (On study leave)
Educational background:    M.A. (Applied Linguistics)
Email:    napacha.p(at)
Office Phone:    –